Tree Removal
Different ways to remove a tree: 

  • Cut the tree and let it fall the direction it leans, if its safely possible.
  • Cut and wedge the tree in the direction you want, if its safely possible. 
  • Cut and winch / pull the the tree in direction you want, if its safely possible.
  • Climb the tree and remove branch by branch.
  • Use of all methods necessary to get to get the job done and tree removed safely with minimum impact to the environment.  

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Stump Grinding
A left over stump in not only unsightly it can be a safety hazard as well as making it difficult to mow around. 

Tree Pruning

​​​​A tree may need pruning for many reasons:

  • To remove dead or storm-damaged branches.
  • To thin the crown to promote new growth and better air circulation.
  • If a tree becomes too tall.
  • To remove obstructing lower branches.
  • To shape a tree for design purposes.
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Yard Expansions / Landscaping
From trees to brush to roots. Everything is gone. 

  • Removing trees, brush and roots.
  • ​Clearing rocks and stones.
  • ​Leveling.
  • ​Building walls.

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NH Tree and Garden Service LLC
Wood Chipping / Clean Up
A tree is down but there is a big mess in the yard. 

  • We chip the smaller branches into our dump truck.
  • ​Cut up the log and the branches.
  • ​The cut up wood will be stacked or removed.
  • ​Yard area will be cleaned up.